Fissures Need To Close Within The Democrats

Those who are supporters of the Democrats feel that there is too much fissure within the group. Hence, they need to look at the kind of political moves they are making or the policies they are working towards that might be proving detrimental to them. Cannibalism gains a new context here as it also can be interpreted as a species eating its own, in this context the Democrats are feeding on each other or the fissure they create within themselves.


There is a fissure that exists between the moderate wing and the far left wing which promotes progressive views. This is a disconcert that is well publicized, indeed, that is what the conflict had always been about, the right and the left wing. Hillary Clinton has given the party much to think about while Bernie Sanders has also joined the race recently. However, it is important that both factions realize that the elements that unite them such as the common platform and ideals of Democrats cannot be forgotten in the middle of developing conflicting views.

If the case of Hillary Clinton is seen, the primary contests that she raised made the anger of the left wing palpable. Her positions on matters of the minimum wage issue at the federal level shifted and so did her stance on subjects like health care, college tuition, Trans Pacific partnership case and others. As a result, the platform of the party gained an inclusive stance, one that was a startling development in the history of the party. Of course, supporters of Bernie should not have been thrilled about that, but many could not help but feel the happiness.

The damage had been done, however, and Bernie did contest many of the things that Hillary talked about. He did say that Hillary did not qualify to run for the president’s office and even equated the foreign policy credentials of Clinton’s with that odd Trump’s. He also attacked much of the financial structure of Hillary’s campaign.  There were many instances when Trump stated that Bernie Sanders had some good material to present and he would like to use some of his points in his speeches.

Even though Hillary did make some mistakes and lost in three states out of which two of them were victories for Bill, it is to be remembered that both belong to the same party and unless one of them can get a victory for the party, there is no scope to bring about policy changes or influence other decisions as one would like to.