Abortion Rights

DCCC And Their Stance On Abortion Rights

Since the elections in 2016, the Democrats have their eyes on the midterms. After the results of the election, there has been soul searching done in order to find the promising ways to victory that the party can achieve in 2018. Representative Ben Ray Lujan, who has headed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, made news when he stated that the organization would not consider the stance of a candidate on abortion when camping funds are being allocated. This move has brought angry responses from the left and also renewed some questions regarding whether the orthodox stance that the party had has become more tolerant of late.

Abortion Rights

This could also be seen by some as an attempt by the party to win back some of the black voters who had moved to support Trump’s selection last year. Democrats who are prominent and active in the party took umbrage to the stance of DCCC when news of it surfaced recently. Cecile Richards, who heads the Planned Parenthood organization, tweeted that women should have access to legal and safe means to abort no matter whether their state’s political setup is red or blue – it is a constitutional right that should not be interfered with. ThinkProgress organization also talked about activists who deal with abortion rights and who might have felt threatened by such a move.

Howard Dean, former chair of the Democratic National Committee, stated that he would also have to withdraw his support to the committee if the rumors were true. The signal of DCCC on abortion is in keeping with what Bernie Sanders is pushing for, that the party is more for the economic progress of the nation than cultural ones. This philosophy has led Sanders to push his campaign as he competed for mayor position for the Democrats in Nebraska, Omaha and other places last spring. At such times he also voted for a restriction to be put on abortion measures.

This is a debate that has not only been a stance to attract voters from the Trump camp but also indicates that a split has already started in the party. If the numbers are seen it shows that all are not of the same view about abortion rights. This year it is evident that polarization is happening within the party and not across party lines.