Among the two political parties that have dominated the United States, one is the Democratic Party. The heritage of the party can be traced back to the efforts of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, who founded the Democratic Republican party, though the modern movement is more aligned with the efforts of Andrew Jackson who formed the Democratic Party in 1828. The party can be said to be one of the oldest parties that are still active.

The worldview of the Democratic combines principles of economic liberalism and social conservatism. In the south, the party banked on populism as its leading differentiating factor. Theodore Roosevelt made the Bull Moose Progressive party famous in 1912. Other famous Democrats who made news for the party were Woodrow Wilson, who was found to harbor progressive views for the fiscal economy. Franklin Roosevelt formed the New Deal coalition in the thirties after which the social liberal platform and social justice aspects of the party improved.

Today the Democratic House is known for the centrist and progressive views and politicians who support the same. The modern liberalism views of the party support economic and social equality for a welfare state. There are social programs, labor union support, move for making college tuitions affordable, consumer protection movements and so forth.

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